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Mechanics and Maintenance Shops

Fuel line and rudder cable rubbing



The fuel line from the fuel selector to the gascolator has a groove from the rudder cable on the passenger side.  My question is how to fix.  Most likely we pull line and add a bend to increase the space but how in the world is this an issue since the last time that was out and/or inspected (last year).  My only thoughts are the rudder cables were adjusted last year and maybe it is less tight (looser) than before (in spec BTW).  At any rate it has to fixed, not exactly laying on the line (has a rubber coating on top) but you couldn't put a dime between them either.

anyone else experienced this, not ideal and i am not fond of fire inside an aircraft.

specifics-1955 180, camera hole mod...yes the gearbox has been out (windstorm and hit by another aircraft) but repaired properly many years ago.

Thanks guys, Jason