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Power and Propeller

Texas skyways O-470-U/TS
Lou Bartell
Hello All-  I am the new caretaker of a 1980 180K that I has been entrusted to me from my father.  He has been a club member since buying the plane in 1981.  She has not flown much in the last five years and the compressions show it.  I have decided to do a top overhaul at western skyways.  (The 470-U was a factory new replacement and has 650 TT)  My question is:  Does anyone out there have experience with the Texas skyways U/TS STC?  We have all neccesary equipment for the conversion,  but it still cost 10,000$ Ouch!  Any input as to performance gains would be appreciated.  If the engine was closer to tbo I would probably go with the PPonk or TS 0-520 conversion.  Thanks for your time.