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Power and Propeller

Need STC/337/Field Approval

Homer Phillips

Hi All,
I have an opportunity to purchase an IO-520 coming out of a 185 for installation in my Cessna 180J after converting to a carburetor (not Pponk).  So far I have been unable to find an STC, or someone who might be able to produce a 337 that I could use to obtain a field approval from our local FSDO.  This isn't unusual.  Texas Skyways puts carbureted 520's in 180's as a course of their business, but they won't sell the STC.  They will only do it if they do the work, but if that's the only avenue then this deal is no longer cost effective to me.  I'm desperately seeking someone who has the legal paperwork for converting a 520 to carburetor and installing in a 180.  Thanks to  anyone who can help.