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Aircraft For Sale

C-FKAI 1957 Cessna 180 For Sale


No damage history in the past 20 years since I have owned her. Powerpoint speaks for the work down. I will also send you a dropbox invitation.


Every AD has been done.


Every add on option has documentation.


Why selling? I've done everything I ever wanted to do with KAI over the past 20 years. It was the only airplane I ever owned. I spent a lot of time during my one year selection process in 1997. Then I rebuilt her from the inside out in 2006/2007 at a cost of $50,000. The engine was totally rebuilt in 2005.


TT: appx 6500. SMOH appx 500. Prop is only 5 years since redo.


Edo 2870 floats that are ok but will require annual sealing if you leave them in the water all of the time.


Airglass 3600 fix penetration skis.


185 Gear and 800x6 large tires. PPonk like gear doublers.


Etc. I purchased the airplane in 1998 for $98,000. Spent $50,000 on it up until and including the engine rebuild in 2005. Then spent another $50,000 on it in 2006/2007 with the complete redo. It has been very well maintained and documented. I am selling it for $100,000 CND.


Arnold Villeneuve


The airplane also comes with a very good Garmin Aero 560 with WX puck. For weather you need to sign up with XM Radio. It is very easy. WX works very accurately around here but not at all up at LG4! Just not enough airplanes for the company to justify coverage.


The options list is:


Horton STOL 


Wing-X Extensions


REIFF Engine Hater


Fuselage Tail Pull Handles


Cessna Inertia Reel 4 Point Shoulder Harness System


Airmetal Fabricators Extended Baggage Compartment


Cessna 1 Piece Windsheild


Airglass 3600 Fixed Penetration Skis



Oil Quick Drain Adapter


Garmin AERO 560 GPS with WX Puck Dash Mounted


And as mentioned it has Cessna 185 Gear legs and 800x6 large tires which are great on the grass strip.