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Mechanics and Maintenance Shops

Maintenance STC's and major structure repair
John Bentley

   Cessna 180 Only/Bentley Air is a maintenance shop providing installation of all STC's, for the Cessna 180/185 aircraft, parts and major sheet metal repair. Currently rebuilding a 1953 180, some modifications include Baggage door, extended baggage, float kit, new sheet metal, one piece windshield, new panel, V brace, P Ponk O-470-50, complete rewire, and the list goes on. Call for quotes on any STC, aivonics installation or repairs, located in Bend Oregon. Call 541 318 8604.
  Next project in the pipe is a 1956 180 needing lots of new metal...

Cessna 180 only
Bentley Air
John Bentley