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Electric fuel quantity indicator stuck past full

Kevin Kaltenbach

I know cessna electric fuel gages are notorious for not working and untrustworthy. I compensate by physically checking fuel before flight and use a  Shaddin fuel flow computer while flying. My problem is with a 1961 Cessna 180 with cluster style (L fuel qty, oil press, oil temp, R Fuel Qty)  stewart warner type fuel gages and McFadden fuel sending units. Left Fuel quantity needle is stuck pegged past Full with or without power. Initially, left qty would not indicate more than 1/3 full (with full tank). Needle was very slow to rise when master power turned on. While troubleshooting this problem I disconnected leads to the gage to check Ohm readout from my sending unit (read 39 ohms with full tank. In a reasonable range and matching other tank). I suspect a gage problem so next I jumped the leads from my good gage to the malfunctioning gage and gage pegged past full and is now stuck there with or without power. Gentle gage tap no help.

Who has seen the pegged full indication before and what did you do? Thanks!
Here is a picture (before my trouble shooting caused Left Qty to peg)