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IMPORTANT TX STOL Wx/Airport Information


From the CAG

Based on the current forecast our flight operations will favor the north. I am working on several new taxi maps to cover various contingencies. Of course we could still find ourselves doing flight operations to the south. Everything is very fluid at the moment. Check our website, or Facebook page, or, or daily for any new updates. Tell your friends. Gonna be fun!

From the AIRBOSS

Heeeeellllp! Pan Pan Pan.
Mother Nature is planning on throwing us a monkey wrench this week and we are determined to catch it!

CHECK NOTAMS!!! On ground and inflight due to changing weather and ground ops plans.

COMPETION AIRTCRAFT, 123.42 when in range (call sign AIRBOSS) to talk about the plan of the moment - consider monitoring this frequency.

NON-COMPETITION AIRCRAFT, CAMPERS, TRANSIENTS, CHECK NOTAMS!!! On ground and inflight. Consider monitoring 123.42 (don’t call unless extremely confused but willing to buy beer).

17L/35R & 8/26 will be closed except to taxi - taxi on the far right side of both when in the flow. Taxiway A north of taxiway C will be closed.


Pass this on to your friends, keep checking for updates.

Phil Whittemore