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Fwd: Re: Post of Field Approval on Club Website

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From:Will Stene
Sent:Tue, 19 Sep 2017 11:06:27 -0400
To:Stephen Ratcliff ,"" ,Skywagons president
Subject:Re: Post of Field Approval on Club Website

Here are the documents that Stephen was referring to.  This is supporting documentation for applying for a field approval for the installation of 31" Desser Tundra tires on 10" Airframes Alaska wheels.

The report is an engineering report put together by myself, Willie Stene, and reviewed by Doug Keller; both FAA DER's.

I would like to make this available for 180/185 owners to use as supporting documentation for trying to get a field approval for this combination.  I have found this combination to work really well for the heavier airplanes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Willie Stene

On 9/18/2017 5:08 PM, Stephen Ratcliff wrote:
Thanks Arnold.  Will ask Willie to send it to you and appreciate the quick response!!

Stephen Ratcliff

From: "" <>
Date: Monday, September 18, 2017 at 3:05 PM
To: Stephen Ratcliff <>, Skywagons president <>
Cc: "" <>
Subject: Re: Post of Field Approval on Club Website

Best place to put it is in the Document Library and then create a post that links to it. That provides a double hit. We can also add the company that supplied the tires on our web page of a list of companies that support our aircraft for a third hit.

To make it easy send me the docs and I will upload and send you a link so you can create a forum post. Also send info about the company.

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-------- Original Message --------
From:Stephen Ratcliff
Sent:Mon, 18 Sep 2017 18:26:08 -0400
To:Skywagons president ," "
Subject:Post of Field Approval on Club Website

Steve / Arnold,

A friend of mine went through the process of getting the 31” X 10” Desser tires field approved for his 185.  He is interested in sharing the information on the club website but we are unsure of where the best place to post this would be.   I thought of the forums but since it could be similar to an STC, had hoped that there may be another place to put it.

Could you help direct us?

Thanks in advance and hope all is well!!


Stephen Ratcliff

Willie Stene
Stene Aviation, Inc.
470 Regatta Rd. Hangar #1
Polson, MT  59860