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Avionics - Certificated

L.A. area plane needed for Autopilot cert.

Bill Foulk

Trio is close to getting their low cost digital autopilot certified and Skywagons are high on the list.  They are looking for a test plane:

180 owners,


I am looking for a volunteer airplane for the Trio A/P project.


If you know someone that lives close to Camarillo I could use their help. We’d like to get the 180 and 185 types handled over the summer.





Paul C. Odum

STC Group, LLC

Camarillo Airport, California (KCMA)

3168 Jacinto Avenue

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Office +1 (231) 220-9296 ext. 1

Office +1 (888) 350-2998 ext. 1

Mobile +1 805 304 5246

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