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'55 C180 control yoke weld assembly replacement

Jonathan Pierce-Ruhl

I want to update the panel in my '55 - at minimum, install a Garmin 650, a second comm, and an ADS-B transponder (it's about that time, and I'm under a Class B).  In a perfect world, I'd move the radios from by my knees to the center of the console like the other 80% of the GA fleet.

Problem is, on the '55, the "control yoke weld assembly" (this thing: is T-shaped, so installing radios over about 6" deep isn't possible in the center stack.

My question: how easy is it, legally or physically, to update the yoke assembly to a 185 ( or 182 ( version?  Has anyone done this?  This would make the radio stack possible.  Otherwise I am more or less stuck with a less conventional panel design...

Cheers everyone.