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Floats in the summer Skis in the winter....emergen...

Paul Jackson

Ident is MN61 Jackson Seaplane Base - Horseshoe Lake

Located on east shore ramp is to south 

1225 MSL

8 miles NE of KHZX (Iverson-McGregor) which has 100LL and courtesy car there is MoGas on lake at NE corner with decent dock.

I have a seaplane dock installed next to the amphib ramp. I am completing regrade of the ramp this weekend with a bobcat and will install conveyor rubber on ramp. I don't want any of you plastic float guys to scratch your floats (Wip made me say that). I will have tie downs for amphibs installed and marked on my ramp area (pretty sheltered behind tree line). There are mooring balls but I have to relocate them to work with the dock but if you feel so inclined you are welcome to use them. 

The emergency cabin is open and has bunk beds. I have power in there and will have main cabin instructions for use under the pillow on top bunk (shower and indoor plumbing and access to my Commander UTV to get to dinner).  Please drop me a text or a call if you are staying over so the locals don't shoot you. We are there most weekends in July and August and try to monitor 122.90 when there. 

If you have a grand kid or young son or daughter and want an easy camping trip feel free to come up. Pretty easy on them and you and your plane is secured.

Bathroom is always available for quick stops on the way North or South. 

Paul & Kristi Jackson