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Price This Hypothetical 180
Stuart F
I'm an admitted tire kicker at this point, but life events are happening such that I might get serious. One issue is cost. Having owned a Bonanza for several years, I have a good understanding of what it costs to live with a big-bore Continental. But I'm looking at the cost of entry; how much do I have to tie up in a 180? So here's my list of Must Haves and Nice To Haves. What would this hypothetical 180 cost?  Thanks in advance.

Must Haves:
Current annual
IFR capable with WAAS gps
Baggage Door
Auto Fuel STC
Multi-probe engine analyzer with fuel flow (JPI 700 is plenty)

Nice to Haves:
5th seat
Extended Baggage
Tail Handles
Center Stack
6-pack instruments
STOL kit
High time engine

Paint and interior don't matter much, but I'd rather not be embarrassed.

It's apparent that I'm looking at roughly '65 to '76. If it'll carry 4 adults, I might think about a 180hp 170, but they're rare and expensive. Speaking of rare, I'd consider a converted 182.