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Power and Propeller

Continental SB on cam gears, April 2017

Those of you concerned about the cam gear “mandatory” SB from our dear friends at Cessna, and any possible AD that could stem from the situation, please direct your attention to the Continental folder within the Technical Library on this website:

    Document Folders

        Technical Library

            Engine Related


As of this writing April 25 I've inserted a document reporting on the Continental SB itself, and a second document containing some discussion, some links, and even a really ugly photo. They'll be available shortly.

  • 2017april - Reports on Continental Cam Gears SB 
  • 2017april - Cam Gears SB discussion + links
Please feel free to engage in discussion as warranted either through this forum, via email, or via the Cessna 180/185 Facebook group. We'll try to keep track of it all. This will also be a subject of discussion at the June board meeting in Traverse City.
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