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Airframe Ideas

Flying a 180 with the door off.
At some point I may want to fly with a door off on my 55 180. Camera mission, occasional skydive for a friend, etc.  

I have tried to track down STC SA168SW that allows door off operations for parachute jumping.  The address of the owner of the STC is not a good address, I have contacted the owner listed on the STC by mail. The letter was returned with an updated address for the owner.  I sent another letter to the updated address provided by the post office and the letter  was returned with no additional information.  I have talked to the FAA office that issued the STC.  (LAX office) They said sorry can't help. Which brings up an other question what happens to STC's like this ? 

Back to the original question, does anyone have any suggestions on how to operate a 180 with a door off.