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Patrick Daniels

HI Forum,

      I am relatively new to the C185 and taildragger world.  So far, its been fun & challenging.  I am keeping my father´s airplane.  Many questions on the airplane, particularly cruise speeds.  I am getting around 135-138 kts TAS at 7500 ft, usually lightly loaded and full fuel.  THe plane has the snider speed kit and bubble windows and vg´s.  Fuel burn at cruise is around 14.5 gal/hr.  Engine is the IO520.  Does that sound about right to you guys? 

      Next question, the stinger in the tail was out of alignment.  The tech replaced it with some stinger from Alaska that has a 5 degree angle.  While I never got tail wheel shimmy with the old one, I am experiencing with this one on the takeoff roll and some landings.  What is the cure for that?