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Airframe Ideas

How much does your Skywagon weigh and why?

Harper Goodwin

I will be picking up my new (to me) 1954 180 in a few days and have been going over some of the data. 
It is a very nice yet pretty basic airplane and I was a little surprised to find it had a ZFW of 1699. 1693 actual weight plus 6 lbs. tare. This is 150 lbs. heavier than the published zfw of about 1550 I think. Of course a 62 year old airplane gains weight. I am 1 year older than the airplane and have certainly gained a good bit as well. I do know there was some hail damage as some flight controls show that, so that may have something to do with it. It also has a 470U engine.
Anyway, just wondering. It might be fun to see others (180 or 185) "weigh in".