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Wanted - Aircraft

Compare early/late model 180s?

Harper Goodwin

I am a new member and have decided to purchase a taildragger to access the many back country airstrips in NW Arkansas with 1 or 2 trips out west a year. Camping, fishing and just having fun kind of stuff. I own a T210 which I will keep for going efficiently from A to B. I have recently flown a 1956 180 and loved how light on the controls it was and how nice it flew. The 180 is probably going to be the airplane for me (don't need a 185) but I am still looking at Maule's and 170B's. Any thoughts on those competitors would be appreciated. 

Anyway a few specific questions please:

What is the real difference between the 180 and 185 fuselage?
Pros/cons of the 180 fuselage as opposed to the 185?
Do they fly that differently?

What year/model was the elevator down spring added? 
Would you rather have one with the down spring or not?
Does it fly that differently?

Seems as though there are a couple of back seat options. Normally we would have the back seat out for camping gear and such. Is the seat easy to take out? Do most have that upper tray behind the back seats? Is it easily removed?

So far the undisputed desirables are pull handles and pponk gear upgrade. Any other suggestions?

I am looking at all of the for sale online sites but if anyone knows of a good 180 I would be happy to hear about it. I don't feel I need anything but the stock engine and don't mind doing an upgrade or two but not looking for a "bargain" that I have to put a lot of money into. 
Thanks in advance.