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Ski/Sea Plane Operations

Help needed for EDO 2705 type installation


I have a 62 Cessna 180E model and have purchased a set of EDO 2705 amphibian floats thinking they were made for the C180. The TC includes EDO 2700 but not the 2705 which I thought was a minor update to the 2700. The only diff I can see is that the 2700 is electric where the 2705 is hydralic just like the 2790. So crazy part is that the 2705 does have STC to be installed on C180, A,B,C,D (Kenmore), and C185 all models (Cruse Aviation). So No STC for C180E-H ?? WTH.
Question is how do I get these installed on my C180? Do I ask Kenmore for a one time approval? Do I try to get a field approval to get it done. I hear that field approvals are next to impossible these days.
It's times like this that I hate certified airplane paper trail nightmares. Anyone have a 337 for a C180E-H for the 2705 that they can share? 
Thx for the help.