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Power and Propeller

Uneven Fuel Distribution to Cylinders


Environment: o-520 (carbed) with 8.5 pistons, all new cylinders nickle, 8.5 comp pistons, all fuel supply polished, carb is a pponk modified venturi, new mags, wires and plugs, using jpi 930 to monitor, total time is 37 hours smoh,  
minor note: the crossover tube is the smallest one, will be changed out to the medium one shortly
Observations:  Cylinder 1,3,5, run an egt temp 125-150 above the 2,4,6, - temps on 1,3,5 all run 1400-1430 fairly evenly, temps on 2,4,6, at same time run 1300 fairly consistently - I have graphed all the flights and using EZ Trends it is very apparent and easily noted that most all flights share  lot of similar characteristics of temps.
I have seen varying temps before,but never so lop sided from left to right like this.  
Note:  all cylinder temps are what you expect as 6 is the coolest and 3 the hottest but they are still fairly close overall
Fuel burn scenario - 22/2350 at 7500 with egt on 3 at 1425 and cylinder at 370 burning low 14's gph
Any thoughts as to why such a one sided temp difference?