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Wanted - Aircraft

Looking for a nice 180


Just rejoined after many years. I owned a lovely 58 180 and had it for over 8 years. Sold it some 20 years ago for some dumb reason and have the urge for one again. I will be flying into northern Maine from Cape Cod for camping and fishing.
What I am looking for is nothing earlier then an "H" and would prefer newer.
L/R fuel is a must along with a seaplane kit and would like a stol kit. An autopilot is also something I am looking for but not a deal breaker.
Avionics would be a couple of Nav/Coms at min. I am a real believer in my Ipad mini and FF.
Been looking on TAP and Barnstormers and the other listing sites for several months now but have not found the right plane.
If anyone knows of one for sale please email me.
Thank you,