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Parts and Service Suppliers

Air Conditioner for 180/185
Guy Stovall, III

Inquiry for Hot Weather 180/185 Pilots?


Kelly Aerospace Thermal System ( has been building and installing their Thermo Cool Electric Air Conditioners for legacy Cessna aircraft for 10 years. They currently have STC’s covering the 172, 182, 206 and several additional models.


Cessna has contracted with Kelly AeroSpace for the last two years to provide their air conditioning systems in new Cessna Factory Single Engine High Wing Piston Aircraft, replacing the previously available mechanical Keith system.  


Several of our fellow pilots have been in discussions with Kelly AeroSpace over the last year attempting to determine if there would be any logistical issues or problems doing the install in a Cessna 180/185 aircraft and attempting to determine the company’s interest level for pursuing an STC for the 180/185 series aircraft. It appears the 182, 206 or 172 package unit are all natural drop-in solutions for the 180/185, given the similarities of the airframes. In consulting and reviewing the installation with Beegles Aircraft Services located in Greeley, Colorado, no specific plane systems limitations appear  or conflict with the tailwheel configuration.


The air conditioning system specifications are as follows:  49lbs, 24 volts, runs on 33 amps, peak draw 45 amps (starting), will mount in the tail cone aft the baggage area.


Approximate cost of the solution currently  installed in legacy C182 aircraft are $25,000 to $27,000.


The plane requirements are 28 volt system or a 14 volt aircraft  can install a 28 volt buss and  an dedicated 28 volt alternator to specifically run the system. The aircraft will be plumbed for venting, fresh, and exhaust air.


The two systems applicable compatible with our aircraft, are a permanent mount component system with forward vents, or a self-contained package unit.

  • The self-contained package unit (used in the C172) could be removed and reinstalled as the seasons change with a mechanics log book entry, remove install time approximately two hours, eliminating the weight during the cold weather seasons. This unit blows air forward from the rear of the plane toward the pilot.
  • The permanent mount system (used in the C182 & 206) is composed of several components that can be mounted in a multitude of configurations to distribute weight and manage spacing and CG objectives.


Kelly Aero Space has determined that they can justify the STC expense involved in applying for the STC if they had 10 aircraft commitments for their AC solution.


With ten interested Cessna 180/185 owners, we could have another important STC for our very excellent aircraft.


Please respond with your questions or interest level,


Thank you,


Guy Stovall