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Airframe Ideas

Gar Aero tailwheel


   Does anyone have a field-approved 337 to install a Gar Aero fat tailwheel kit on a 18 they can send me a copy of? These are not STC'd but according to Alaska Tundra Tires who sells them now they have been getting field-approved without any trouble for years. I think the GarAero wide fork with the 400x4 ribbed tire would be a pretty good addition to my 180.
    The 400x4 tire is about 11-1/2" OD so would put the prop a whisker closer to the ground, but would also improve viz over the cowl by that same whisker. It should also roll over stuff somewhat better than the 10" tailwheel that's on there now and provide more flotation on soft ground. I believe the Gar Aero kit is about $750 so about 2/3 the price of a baby bushwheel kit, with a much lower tire replacement cost.