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The new forum is awful, and not just because it is...

I think it is time to acknowledge the new website format is not working, particularly the forums. Granted, the previous website and forums were not the most modern and were feeling old, but they were usable. Now that we are several months into the change, I still find the new forum format difficult to use at best, and completely uninviting. It is not just one thing, it is all pretty poor in terms of usability - the font, the overall format, wasted screen space, to much scrolling, the help gadget, the difficulty using search, no link for last 7 day updates, background colors, etc. 


Below are some other forums I occasionally visit, and they are all better and easier to use in every way. I know it takes a lot work to switch, but I think any of the forum tools used below are far better.

Sometimes it is just better to admit a change didn't work as expected, cut your losses, and move to something different. In my opinion, that is where we are at with our forum.