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GPSMap 696 - SafeTaxi Disappeared
Past Forum User
I recently added an 2 GB SD with the Garmin TOPO US maps and the SafeTaxi maps disappeared. It does not show up on the startup database/expiration page, nor does it appear in the "Map page -> Set Up -> Airport" category per their GPS Manual Section 5.1

When I asked Garmin, their reply is posted below. So apparently you can either see your location on a good terrain map, or else an airport map, but not both!

Any of you have the 496 with same issue?

Sadly I really purchased the Topo map because it shows National Park boundaries, and I often either traverse the adjacent Black Canyon of the Gunnison Park enroute to Montrose at 2000 AGL, or else "cut around the corner" at 500 AGL. I wanted to be sure of my location and figured the Topo would show it. Well folks, it shows the national park boundaries on your PC but NOT on your GPS. Another let-down that has no Garmin implementation date.

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Thank you for contacting Garmin International,

The 696 has a limitation of the number of maps/databases that can be displayed at one time. In order to view the SafeTaxi diagrams, the SD card with the TOPO data must be removed from the unit.