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Best Aircraft Tiedown System
Past Forum User
I don’t often promote my own website customers here, but was recently named “Aircraft Tiedown Gear of the Year” in the July 2012 Aviation Consumer magazine. See the “Tiedown shoot-out” video posted on Abe’s website and decide for yourself.

From the July magazine article ….

Best Tiedown Hardware:

ABE’s Aviation

Following the great tornado fiasco at Sun ‘n Fun in 2011, we set out once again to find the best portable tiedown hardware. It didn’t take long to settle on a system made by Abe’s Aviation, an Oregon-based company with an interest in back-country flying.

The Abe’s system consists of trapezoidal-shaped steel plates driven into the ground at a perpendicular angle to resist the load. We connected these things to a truck and tried to pull them out of the ground with no success. They’re overbuilt from stainless-steel plate and rod, so they ought to last awhile. If you really want your airplane to stay put in a blow, these tiedowns will get the job done. For details, see