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Purchase Tips

Learn from my mistake
Past Forum User
1954 Cessna 180. I purchased this aircraft from Manitoba last year Before I purchased it I hired a AME from neer the location of plane to have a pre purchase inspection done and ask for him to check for any structural damage or corrosion. I got a good report back saying it was in good shape. So I bought it and brought it back home.
 I took it in this spring to a very good reputable AME and to my surprise he found that the leading edge ribs where damaged and never replaced they where poorly straighten and new aluminum skin covering installed. There was no entry in the technical log of these repairs or of the plane ever been flipped over. Person thinks that buying a certified aircraft that the repairs should have been done properly and any damage documented. As seen in attached photos the damage and shaby repair Also had to replace all cylinder on engine that only had 800 hrs on it. Along with mags where never inspected or documented. Also many other repairs that should of been flagged by last annual and pre purchase inspection. Think got over 30 k into repairs and still not done. So learning are to ensure the AME that does per purchase inspection is a reputable AME.