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Parts and Service Suppliers

Alaskan Bushwheel
Past Forum User
Just a heads up... AK Bushwheel is an excellent resource for lots of stuff, especially landing gear related. Not only do they have lots of very cool tire options, but they also have tailsprings, or stingers and all associated parts. They are manufacturing new Scott style 3400 tailwheels and all associated parts. You can get a brand new 8" 10" or big honking Babybush tailwheel. If you allready have a 3400, you can just order a fork and tire in the 10" or Babybush size. I have ordered a new 1 1/8" tailspring and tail wheel head. They are great to deal with and really know their stuff. I currently have two setups, 10" tailwheel with 8.50's, and Babybush tailwheel with 26" Bushwheels. Everything is mounted on wheels, so changeover takes about 45 min.