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Short Field Landing Techniques?
Past Forum User
We had a post recently named Short Field Take Off Techniques, so I thought I would post one about landing to get the pros in here to comment on their tricks.

100 hours and maybe 200 landings later, I'm still learning how to land my 180. My wheelie's are pretty consistent, but three pointers often spell trouble. Too much bounce, stall horn then 'drop' onto the strip, darting off one direction, just to name a few. Had the worst landing of my short career the other day. I was trying a three pointer in about an 18knot, 90 degree x-wind full flap. A gust hit me upon touchdown and she bounced so high I had to pour on power and salvage into a wheelie. The long strip saved me from going around. I broke my rule to not three point with full flaps in a gusty x-wind but wanted to try it. What a disaster! I'm glad the strip was deserted on that cold blustery day and no-one was watching....