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Insurance, Business and Financial

Operating/ownership cost update
Past Forum User
My only excuse for posting this is that misery loves company. When the self-serv pump price went to $4/gal last week, I decided to compare the projected budget for the upcoming year with the last analysis I prepared, back when fuel was $2.43/gal.

This analysis is fairly simple (for me) since I do this stuff routinely as a buyer rep for people buying big airplanes and have all the spreadsheets and stuff necessary to do it. Nontheless it was a sobering experience. I don't know that I would have ever believed my cost/hr in 2008 would be $300 for 100 hours of annual usage. It's getting to high I guess I will just have to fly more to get the hourly rate back down.

Anyway, the attached spreadsheet is for my 1960 airplane, including opportunity cost on the investment and all the costs of operation and ownership except engine reserves.

The personal use model assumes 0 tax rate and no personal property tax (in Texas). The business use model is based on 38% marginal rate and includes 1,800 property tax/yr.