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Fuel Stops

MOGAS availability, alcohol
Past Forum User
Does anyone have a good source for finding auto fuel when planning long cross countries? I used to use but they went out of business. Also, what's a good way to make sure that auto fuel from a distributor has no alcohol in it? I get 87 unleaded delivered to my 275 gallon tank by a local distributor, and I've asked them to notify me before delivery if they're going to start having fuel with alcohol added, but they said they wouldn't know for sure. I understand that in some areas all auto fuel will have alcohol added after a certain date, and also that some states require a different (cleaner burning) fuel in the summertime. I use the EAA test kit periodically on the fuel from my big tank and so far it's good, but I don't want to accidentally put any alcohol in the skywagon. My MOGAS STC prohibits it, and I understand that the alcohol erodes the rubber seals in the fuel system. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Wily