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Allowing Converted 182s Into Club

Allowing Converted 182s Into Club


I believe that a converted 182 should be allowed Skywagon membership. After all, isn't forgery the sincerest form of flattery? And Cessna in its infinite "wisdom" has declared that they are not going to build any more.

If somebody wants to take the time and effort to put the tailwheel on, ESPECIALLY if they add a 'wagon vertical fin, they are likely the kindred spirit we would enjoy having as Club members. They likely have a better idea of Skywagon structural ins and outs than most "pure" Skywagon owners do, not to mention the myriads of rules imposed by the FAA.

There are a couple converted 182 owners that I have found very interested and knowledgeable. And they have traveled with us to Club gatherings with most people not even noticing.

Perhaps this can at least be done on an individual case basis. A petition process can be created, wherein the applicant would provide sufficient technical details about their aircraft and personal interests that the Club Directors can determine they are really "one of us" and let them join. Some mitigating factors might be whether they once owned a 180 or 185, or used to be official Club members?