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Regional activities
This section of the forum is for our International 180/185 Club members who reside in Colorado, New Mexico or Wyoming.
Taking over from Mike Perkins who has moved further north, I am the new regional Director on the board.
My name is Jim Densmore, and I am most privileged and proud to be the co-owner (with my wife Linda) of N6555A,
a '56 #32452. It's been in my family since my Dad bought it in 1960 so I grew up with this fabulous airplane and you'll
be prying its keys away from my cold, dead fingers.
(More here if you don't bore easily: )
Rightfully so, new President Steve Goebel is asking us regional directors to encourage regions to get together more.
It has been awhile since we have had any fly-ins locally and I'd like to do one soon. I might also be interested in doing a few
popup events. I define a popup event as a Friday afternoon call for three local fly-ins (one in each state) on the next day,
Saturday morning, given the presence of good weather forecast in all three states.
Please respond to this message here in the forum. Where would you like to go for a regional fly-in?
When would you like to go? Other ideas?
We are a Social Club, this is what we do, and perhaps we have been lax in this region on getting together.
Please post your ideas, I welcome any and all. Let's plan to get together soon. Thanks! --Jim N6555A