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Wanted - Aircraft Parts

WTB Middle Bench A185F
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There is one for sale right now on Alaska's List:  It won't last long so you may check it out under the Aircraft ads.  Hope that helps!

I had my upholstery shop make a slip cover that spans the jump seats. Now my daughter can lie down across the seats and I have a place to put things without them rolling back to the baggage area. Thank you,

Might take a look at the seats I have listed under parts for sale. came from a 182 beautiful condition . I am told they can be mounted in a 185. Dont have any info on who would have the STC or 337 to do that but it sees pretty simple mod.
Greetings all, looking for a factory middle bench seat for my freshly-acquired A185F. It would suit my people carrying needs better than the two jump seats now installed. I will keep those for other missions. Thanks, Roger
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