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Aircraft For Sale

1980 A185F
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 The aircraft holds a US Standard airworthiness issued when manufactured.

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 8:33 AM, Chip Woods ( <> wrote:
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I would like some pictures if possible.

Also, what does the data plate on the aircraft list it as?

Has the FAA or a DAR issued an AW Cert yet? 

I would like some pictures if possible.

Also, what does the data plate on the aircraft list it as?

Has the FAA or a DAR issued an AW Cert yet? 
jack 585 314 5156
the plane is in Webster ny
anyone need pics give me an email address and I will send some.
So where is it? How about posting some good pictures?
This 1980 Cessna A185F ser # 18504024 was built in February  of 1980 and was de-registered in
october of 1980 and sent to France to a jump school, in 1991 it was sold to 2 different privet owners,
it then was brought back to Canada , I bought the air frame in 2007 and brought it back to the USA,
it was de-registered from France in march of 2017  I restored it to factory specs,
are FAA would not re issue an airworthy certificate unless it met factory specs and annual,
all part numbers and serial numbers are correct the plane is paliticaly correct,
It was never flown after it left France I  don't no how long Canada had it sitting,
the fuse had original pain I striped it there was no corrosion to address, the wings are not spliced on the tips, there are no cherry max rivets in any control surfaces except the elevator tips witch  is factory,
the air frame had no logs the motor  IO 520-D bumpy back vara crank that I bought has full logs the black mac prop is brand new,
all wing pulleys and most easily accessible pulleys where removed and lubed,
wet wings 88 Gal,
Appareo ADS-b 
It has a factory float kit never been drilled
EDM 700 engine monitor
406 ELT
4 place intercom
tanis engine heater
wing tip strobes
Horton STOL
new one pice wind shield and glass
monarch caps
selkirk interior new leather, head liner, carpet, has jump seats,
flashing beacon,
heated pitot,
new paint,
6x6 great tread  new tail wheel tire,
the FAA was present to compare notes on ADs part numbers serial numbers they where not going to issue an airworthy certificate
unless it was restored to factory Cessna specs, 
Bill Abott FAA 585 436 3880 ask for Bill
American engines  Steve 888 371 1371 the work order # 816078  
the FAA helped re-create the logs 70 hours a year for the privet 2 owners and 400 pr. year average for the jump school 4720 TT
if you alone take off with 88 gal. 528 lbs fuel and one hour later land with 73 gal. 438 lbs what is the stress on the air frame? it was landing, 
a jump plane takes off with 6 guys and lands with 1 guy and very little fuel, you could not ask for a better life on an air frame,
the price is dramatically reduced due to paper work,,, if paper work bothers you don't bother me
this is as nice as the $190,000 ones you read about if one would take the time to look it over professionally you would see for your self $135,000 please no low ballers is worth more in parts.
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