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Flight Instruction - Regular and Mountain

C 180 check out Panhandle WV
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I just bought a Cessna 180 over in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. I bought it from Jim Flack and I flew with one of his airline buddies that I think is an instructor. I was a bit rusty as I haven't flown a 180 or 185 in 9 years. He could really handle the 180. If that is anywhere nearby, please give me a call and I will track the guy down. Eric Garrett 407-701-1190
I’m looking for a CFI to finish me up on my tailwheel endorsement in my 180. My plane is at 2G2 in Wintersville OH. I’m a private pilot with 90+ hours. I have 9 in the 180& some 170B time. I have around 100 landings in a tailwheel. I need to finish up before Thanksgiving due to my work relocation. Any help. 
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