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Aircraft Parts For Sale

Stec 55X for 185 14 volt
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Hey Aaron, Dave Stevens here in NM. Do you still have the STec for sale. Please advise. Thanks. 505-250-1076
For Sale: new Stec 55x with all wiring, metal sleeve, books, servos, brackets, screws, everything that would come directly from STEC.  It was purchased in March of 2017 and was installed/operation in May 2017.  Used for under 5 hours.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the autopilot in any way, shape, or form.  Asking $11,000 OBO which includes shipping. To be legal you would need to buy an new STC from STEC for your particular N number.  Unit new is $15,000 

Current pricing to have one of these installed in a Certified aircraft starts at $21,295. So if you have the capability you can save a lot of money considering STEC will only sell new units to certified installing dealers.  My major loss your gain. 
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