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Airframe Ideas

shoulder harness
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The 78 & 79 air frames are pretty identical. The kit I used to install shoulder harnesses for the second row, seats 3 & 4 is: Cessna Service Kit PN: SK 185 52A5. The shoulder harness is a single strap diagonal with fixed attachment points that are already in the air frame. I should be possible to have an inertial reel attached at the same location but I felt it was not worth the effort. Bass may have another kit available.
1979 Cessna 180K, second row.

What model and year is your aircraft and which row are you wanting to install the shoulder harness?

In my 1978 185 for the second row seats I replaced the factory lap belts with a Cessna upgrade lap belt/shoulder harnesses using existing attaching points. Third row can also be installed as the shoulder attach points are already in place from the factory.
has anybody installed rear seat shoulder harness?
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