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Ski/Sea Plane Operations

Seeking C18X SES Takeoff and Landing Procedures
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Do any of you have documented takeoff and landing procedures (checklists) for your C18X for the following:
  1. Normal
  2. Crosswind
  3. Rough Water
  4. Glassy Water
  5. Confined Area
  I am making training material for my C18X students. Cessna POH's are somewhat weak on details for these procedures (to say the least). Coming from a Military/Commercial training background at Boeing I am just driven to have a well documented set of procedures as a starting point from which to instruct and against which to evaluate. Once I get these developed and documented I will share them freely. 

Wouldn't it be nice i somebody said, "Hey Austin, don't waste your time. I already have them. here they are."

These planes have been around since I was a kid, Somebody has to have done this. 

Attached is example of procedures developed for C172XP. 


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