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Wanted - Aircraft

What is a reasonable price.... need advice and per...
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Is the 180 all original and does it have any mods?  If the answer is yes it is all original and it does not have any mods then look at what you could get for that same price.  At $170K, you could get a very nice, low time, 185 with mods, good paint, avionics, etc.  Most are aware of the advantages of the 185 over the 180 when comparing two that are both of the same year, i.e., 1979.  

My opinion is that the aircraft you mentioned has one really nice thing going for it, the 720 hours TT.  The draw back to that is that you have an engine and prop that has not run hardly at all over the last 38 years, which means you would potentially have additional costs in the near future.

I always believe that the worth is in what you would be willing to pay vs what they would sell.  I would recommend looking at some nice late model 180's online to form an opinion.  I won't say what I think this plane is worth but I think you would find that you would be in the range of $110K to $135K for a nice late model (mostly all original) 180 that is less than 3,000 hours total time and NDH.

Hope that helps!
What is an original 1979 180K, 720TT, NDH in excellent condition worth ?  Original engine, several areas with light touch up paint, always hangared and basically the way it was delivered.  
It's priced at $170,000 and on Barnstormers.  What do you think it's worth and what do you think it will sell for.
I'm in the market for one like this one, but could not come to a mutually agreeable sale price.
I appreciate your perspective.
Thank you,
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