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Aircraft For Sale

1975 Skywagon 180 Float Plane for sale
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SOLD 1975 Skywagon180, $129,500 w/Ski sale

So Tired of the hecklers, but met some very nice guys.
Its going to Canada VC Island commercial use.
Skywagon 1975 180J. Factory Float kit. N180DV ,  $129,500
TT about 2840. New motor1984. Part way to TBO at 1100 hrs lite prop strike all new engine parts.
= 660 hrs new engine parts from lite prop strike.
All new brg kit, seals, valves and guides, rings, This plane uses almost no oil.  
5/17/ Annual, comp all 70/80, very low float time. Always in the hanger. Extensive annual 5/17.
New long range Eagle Bladders summer 2016.The 0470-S valued the best,
The 0470-S was Available only 1975 and 1976. This was the last STC auto fuel motor.
ECI 6-cyl EGT, ECI Carb/air temp fuel comp,Cyl temp.12V external outlet.
IFR,3 lite marker, GS, NavCom, ADF, Mode C, Audio switch panel. Rudder trim.
Pito heat, alt. static. Rear abrasion boots. Wing tip strobes. Seats recovered for better foam.
Flap and Aileron gap seals fences, Horton Stol kit and the better wing tips.
Oil filter,80 gal fuel, built in 4 place I-com. extended baggage w/canvas cover.
Oil changed every 25/30 hrs.with Exon Elite.Paint stripped ,re painted by pro aviation.
"Oil filters saved for the last 5 years" to display, they are clean of contaminants.
Mostly wheel time every year. Very low float time. HD axles. Tannis heat  
like new wheels,brakes tires 800/6, Newer HD gel battery.  
Cap 3300E floats, The fastest floats and look good. Custom paint floats and plane.
Most hours running 22/20 traveling at altitude. Not used for T/O /Landing practice.
 Very nice interior. Seats re covered for better foam, they were not worn.
  New L-Range bladders 2016.  Custom 2 axle Float plane trailer after sale.
575 gal.gas tank on trailer. Always inside home hanger.
Had Ski's for a few hours but sold those. The Landes 3600 brackets are on the plane with HD axles.

This is an excellent performing Skywagon 180
An unplanned T/O contest At Oshkosh Seabase when heavy waves forced planes to depart inside the small bay.Many 185's and 180's left before mine and no Skywagons lifted off before the heavy waves except mine.We had 4 guys, 60+ gls of gas and some gear, there was an article in Skywagons forum about this before the site was changed and data was lost.We lifted off at the gap from the creek.I operate off a 1000 ft.grass strip at home and its always hangered here on floats or wheels.
I typically land under 40 MPH using no brakes. I'll try to include a video.
.DH. In 1995 I landed on a frozen lake, and while taxi a wheel broke through the ice and bent 3 ft. of one wing. A wing jig company did a spar repair of the outer wing.+thicker top skins on both wings which is rare in private planes.This model is the same as the 185 except there were many motors from 0470 to 0540 used in the 180/185
No Dealers or Loan dealers or add sellers.
The oil used is always Exon Elite and its flown less in winter cam guard is added.
The Comps are high even all 70 over 80.I never had cyl maint  in the planes I had as I operate properly
being aware of shock cooling and using Tannis pre heat.
We have been traveling at 12/15 k altitude visiting friends in Utah Wyo and a trip to Alaska.
At home strip and float access keep the plane in the hanger. Floats /Plane Stored inside always.
The last year on floats was 2004, as our relatives and friends no longer are by the Mn. border.

Bob Loso from northern Idaho visited us picking up a super cub kit near by, and was looking at the inside floats to remove the spreader bars for tailoring them back, and the fasteners look like they are much newer floats. No corrosion on plane or floats, and its always been a perfect performer.
The AOP CEO Mark Baker's Son in law wanted my plane, had Marks mechanic Rick do an all day pre buy and said there is no reason to walk away from this. he didn't have the funds, so didn't buy a plane. Other mechanics and builders said its one of the best examples, as the 75/76 were the best models having all the best advantages of the years made.  No Dealers Load dealers add sellers ebay sales people,vref scam offers or e-mail offers
thanks for your interest, lew  
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