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Aircraft For Sale

Premium 1955 Cessna 180
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Hello Roger,
I'm interested in talking to you about the 180.  Do you still have it for sale?

I've been on the hunt for one for a month.
Can't seem to find the right one.
Hi Roger, 
I'm interested in your 55 Skywagon.  Do you have an email contact we can use to communicate ?  I'm an Airline pilot, and currently on a 3 day Prague layover. I fly back Sunday.  My email is 
I live in the Philadelphia area, but will be in SoCal on the 14-15-16th looking at another aircraft I'm interested in.
I'd like to see some additional photos and know what your asking for your 180.
Kind regards,
Houston Hayward
1955 Cessna 180 3252D, SN 32050.  Total time 4111.3, SMOH 1953.6, STOH 474.  Engine PPA 0-470-50, SN 1986, Compression readings as of above time: #1 79/80, # 2 75/80. #3 77/80, #4 79/80, #5 77/80, #6 79/80.  Propeller: McCauley 03A34C 401/90 DFA.  Entire proprellor and hub factory new at above time.  Aircraft has all digital engine instruments plus complete IFR package, 2 GPS's, engine analyzer, TCAS, fuel flow and many other improvements.  Aircraft will be at the 2017 Convention. Call Roger (206) 878-6265.

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