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Avionics - Certificated

More Autoplit STC info
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Talked with the STC group for the Trio Pro Pilot the other day and they confirmed that the STC has been issued for the 180/185 and they will begin shipping in a week or so.

Went to SunNFun this week and had a discussion with several companies that are working on STC certification of experimental airplane digital autopilots.  I have wanted an autopilot for years but have been unwilling to pay $20k plus.  These new autopilots are expected to be about $9k installed and are more capable than present offerings.

Trio expects certification this summer for Cessna 182.  Other models will be added based on # of requests.  Since the 180/185 are so similar to the 182, they expect the FAA will issue an approval letter soon after a request.

Whether you are interested in an autopilot or not, you could help expedite the 180/185 approval by e-mailing your name, a/c type, n-number, and s/n to  This does not commit you to anything, just gets the Skywagon approval quicker.  Please pass the word to other Skywagon owners.

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