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Power and Propeller

Starters, once again
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After a day of research here is what I found-  all of the permanent magnent type starters are not working. 
They may work for a little while but eventually eat up the spring in the adapter.
The energizer seems to be the answer due to the fact that it disengages completely from the adapter .
It amazes me that it is the year 2017 and no one can make a better starter, Skytec tried and almost suceeded.
Hartzell owns them now so we will see what they do with that technology.

I have a IO-520 in my 185 which was overhauled in 09.
It had a Skytec type starter in it from the factory. It would always trun the engine over with difficulty, slowing down on each compression stroke. The battery was fine and I checked all the wiring and all was in good shape. Called Niagara Airparts, a starter adapter repair facility, and discussed it with the senior tech. He was kind enough to spend over a half an hour on the phone with me and gave me quite an education. Briefly they are seeing broken started springs with these starters. He thinks it due to the uneven cranking. Bottom line is I bought the boat anchor Energizer and it works so much better.
Heres what I found....
Skytec will take old T5s in on a return program and sell another T5 with credit for the old one.
No credit towards any other starters.

How about the new Lamar starters? any pireps on those?
Skytec T-5 failed yesterday. Very low time on it.
Skytec (now owned by Hartzell) no longer supports these starters. They are still however, on the market so beware.
They say there is a trade in program. I do not have info on it yet.
Has anyone used the new Hartzell energizer starters?

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