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Power and Propeller

Replacement engine for '54 C-180
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 Thank you Dave. That is extremely helpful! 
Good Evening,

When I purchased my 55 180 it had an O-470R engine.  As we looked closer at the logs we couldn't figure out how this was done legally. 

Frank Shea has an STC the puts an -R on the earlier 180's.  I just purchased this STC to have a legal install on my airplane.  I copied an email Frank sent to me with an overview of the STC. 


STC #SA00164BO allows a Continental 0-470-R engine to be installed on a Cessna 180, 180A, and 180B. The only requirement in the STC is for the engine mount which is the later cradle style mount, Cessna part number 0751001-1, 0751001-23, 0751001-13, 0751001-250751001-27. The -23 and -25/-27 are the sea plane versions of the -1 and the -13 land plane mount respectively

The instructions for continued airworthiness are what you would find in the Cessna Service Manual as is the Airplane Flight Manual Supplement. There are no drawings, no parts lists, and no surprises.

Changes will have to be made to the exhaust flanges if you still have the old 2 bolt style. The -R engine has 4 bolt flanges. The cowl to air box junction has been addressed. We have FAA approval for use of the -A, -J, or -K induction system components. These components consist of the 90 degree elbows p/n 535681, riser p/n 538361A1, right side bracket 536036, and left side bracket 566037This will marry your new engine to your old cowls just as before. No further modifications arerequired and no new cowls! 

All McCaulley propellers listed on the type certificate data sheet are included on this STC. 

Baffles. If you don't have the later style you will need them. 

We worked with the FAA to reduce nearly all of the requirements they wanted such as drawings and parts lists. We wanted this to be applicable to as many as possible and having restrictions would only add time and expense. 

Frank Shea

954 609 9139





I hope this helps.




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I have same choice. Have the original O-470A and McCauley 2A36C1-QS. would like to go to an R model with newer or new prop. Airplane is personal, more interested in cruise speed and no shorter than 2,500' grass strips. Most flying on 4,000' paved.

The TCDS says that I can upgrade to either a J or K but doesn't mention the R. Looking for thoughts on an STC

Does anyone know what if any conversions need to be done to mount, exhaust, and baffles?

Any help would be appreciated. 

Cody Welch
Linden, MI. 
Hey guys. There is a STC for a R on our models. Search Frank Shea. Many listed props so you can probably keep yours. I think finding a K or R is best for the value of your bird. Ben
Garret, I decided to get my engine toped, because of the changes that needed to be made to go to the R engine. I found out that the J model engine is the latest that can use the original engine mount and exhaust.
Hey Ronal,  I am also looking at putting an R motor on my "55 180 There is an STC. The STC I found requires an upgraded engine mount and modified exhaust. 

Do you have any other information regarding the installation of an R motor?
I have a 1954 C-180 with a 0-470A engine that needs overhaul. I am thinking of replacing this engine with the R model. Is that the best model for replacement? Can I do this without any special paperwork (STC, etc.)? Do I need to replace the prop if I replace the engine? Any and all information would be helpful. Thank you, Ron
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