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Ski/Sea Plane Operations

Fly-Lite 4000 Field Approval for A185F
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There are several A185F installations I know of in Alaska but don't know about the paperwork.

If it was me, I would submit a 337 signed off by the IA with a simple statement on the desrciption of work stating "....installed in accordance with STC xxxxxxxxx except installed on a Cessna A185F". If it isn't rejected by Ok City, it is approved.

You should send in the 337 now before any money is spent or installation is started. Or, if Wipline is selling them get them to provide a Field Approval with the sale.
Has anyone installed Fly-Lite 4000 skis on an A185F? For some reason, the STC covers all the models up to A185E, but not the F. The skis I am looking at are actually offered for sale by Wipaire, the STC holder. They are not sure why the STC does not cover the F model, but that is how it is....

I talked to the local FSDO, who seem to think it would not be too hard to get a field approval. Just wonder if anyone has already done this, so that I can use it as evidence for my application.

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