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Airframe Ideas

Aero Twin Gravel Guards / Mud Flaps
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A good friend has them on a C-206 with 8.50-6 tires. They do work, his horiz stab has not been beat up and he flies off gravel strips regularly. It's hard to quantify the improvement or the reduction in damage but no matter how well they work they are still ugly.
I chose to go with the Cessna thick padded leading edge boot on my P-Ponk'd C-180 on 8.50-10 tires. The boot protects the leading edges well but not underneath the horiz stab. Nothing is perfect.
Anyone have any experience with the Aero Twin Gravel Guards (mud flaps)?
I have the rubber protection on the leading edge of the horizontal stab, which seems to be most critical. Is it worth $2K for the mud flaps or are they really not needed. Just picked up a 185 that I'm planning on using in the backcountry and don't want it looking like the 180 I sold (rock damage previous to me owning it but because it was already in bad shape, I'm not sure how much my my off field contributed).

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