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Power and Propeller

73 185 Hi Pressure fuel adjustment.
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Just had the fuel flow adjusted on a IO-520D at annual. Low pressure adjusted thru left side cowl access for oil dipstick by a small port on alternator mount. Hi pressure adjusted through firewall by port under instrument panel; small removable plug for access. Good luck.
I'm not sure if I know exactly what adjustment your looking for, but my mechanic turned my fuel up to show 28 GPH on take off and the adjustment was made from the left side dipstick access door, but it would be difficult to discribe exactly where it is.
My Mech and I were about to set the high pressure fuel adjustment after resetting the low press unmetered.
He had worked on Cessna 421 with IO-520's but never on this IO-520D 2006 reman.
Well neither of us could find the adjustment. Thought it was just fwd of the lo press adjustment but we can't see anything there.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
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