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Horizontal attach point
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I am not sure that the first year airplanes had the teflon bushing.  Can anyone else verify?  They had a slightly different hinge setup that was riveted and screwed on, not the same as the newer airplanes.  You might end up spending money you dont need to if you dont need the teflon portion.
Doing the mandatory tail inspection we found these were frozen (stabilizer attach assembly brackets and bearings).  Do all years use the teflon bushings (0760679-2) and spacers (0732101-7)?  Can the brackets themselves be reused by reinserting the bushings and spacers?  We found the teflon bushings moved side to side in my tail.  Is this normal?
Thank you very much!  This is exactly the data I needed too. 

Paul Brown
Thanks that helped, I got parts ordered should be back together end of the week!!
Here are the part numbers that I used- 0760679-2 bushings (teflon), spacers 0732101-7.
Purchased the bushings from Air Power, Inc    they are not cheap at $72 each.
Spacers from McFarlane    List price at Cessna was north of $210 each.  $70.88 at McFarlane
Hope this helps.
Hi Bryan,
I have a 78 180K and just went thru the tail replacing everything that I could including the teflon bushings. I'll be at the hangar tomorrow and get you the part numbers
I am working on my  62 cessna 180 took tail feathers off to reskin the horizontal. Where the horizontal attaches to fuselage in the rear of horizontal there are 2 bolts that are used to hold horizontal in place and let it pivot up and down when forward jack screws move up and down. My question, There are plastic bushing over the bolts. I have a parts manual and they are not listed in manual  to my surprise they dont show them at all!! i know they are soups  to be there anybody have a part number?? thanks for help
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