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'74 185 w/ IO-520-D Temps
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Thanks... I'm going with CHT alarm of 380 and oil temp of 215. We'll see how that turns out once I have accurate temperature information.

On my 73 185 I have my CHT temp alarm set at 380 which is considered to be a safe max operating temp.
On a warm summer day I can keep them all below that during climb which I use between 110-115mph.
I did go around and check all the baffling and fix several areas.
I am about to install a oil temp probe for the JPI so don't really know what its doing other that its in runs slightly below mid green.


I have a 1974 185F with an IO-520-D. What CHT and oil temp do you typically see in climb and cruise? I'm installing an engine monitor and deciding where to set my temperature alarms.

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