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Panel Lights
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Finally updated to the red strip instead of the white strip.  Much better!  Here is a pic to share with you guys. 

Here are some pics.....

Lights off
Finally flew the plane at night!  It took a while to join my instructor. The panel id a dream at night. It looks very cool, however the led strip is very bright white light. Had to turn it off.  I hear those come in colors, maybe red ? 
It was useful before takeoff, to find all the switches and stuff but too bright for flight. 



Please let us know how well it works at night.
Where did you find these?
I gather there is a dimmer rehostat to control brightness.


This is mine.  Haven´t flown in the dark yet, so I cant give a pirep.  Hoping to do that soon. 

I have a 1972 A185E with a mishmash of  eyebrow and internal panel lights.  Any recommendations on where to go to update the panel and its associated lighting?
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